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ABACO’s team, with international experience and an accurate knowledge of the Italian market, can offer services that satisfy the Client’s needs, with a specific care for quality, costs and timing.

ABACO offers a range of solutions for design, restoration and assistance for building practices, with an attentive eye to aesthetics and the client’s demands, for an architecture close to people and fully aware of the present contexts.

ABACO has developed its expertise in Urban Planning, Architecture, Project Management, Site Management and Interior Design in collaboration with private Clients, but above all with entrepreneurs and developers in the fields of shopping complexes, logistics, leisure & accomodation, office and residential buildings.

Our professional activities are focused on architectural design also from the functional and constructional point of view, in addition to planning and feasibility of all those transformation processes that modify the urban or natural contexts and the built heritage.

Our team is configured to act as “local architect” consultancy and technical-design support to national and international organizations.

ABACO is constituted by a team of multi-disciplinary talents that operate both in Italy and abroad with BIANCOARANCIO, a service company whose Board of Directors is constituted by ABACO’s associates.

ABACO, an independent association of professionals that complements BIANCOARANCIO Srl, characterized by a specialist expertise that can satisfy the Client’s need at 360 degrees.