Newwave Media srl

Luxury apartment

  • Sector Hospitality & Leisure
  • Year2015
  • ClientPrivato
  • LocationTa Jorni, Malta
  • ServicesConcept Design

An elegant and simple mood created for 2 luxury apartments in Ta ‘Jorni. The first-one at 5th floor and the second-one at 6° penthouse, in a new residential complex, where the “sea view” remains the predominant element.
Biancoarancio has developed a layout where every space lives its own importance and independence, integrating with each other with welcoming colors and materials, the choice of minimal furniture.
On the fifth floor the terrace with swimming pool has been integrated into the internal space without losing its atmosphere of an outdoor area, thanks also to the inclusion of large windows.
At the penthouse one bedroom has been transformed into a living / relax area with the addition of a corner bar, while the terrace becomes a convivial area at 360 degrees, thanks to the swimming pool and the barbecue area.

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