Newwave Media srl

“Boscaini Shoes” in Legnago

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2017
  • ClientBoscaini scarpe srl
  • LocationVerona - Italy
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

The opening of the new store in Legnago (VR), is in fact the relocation of the historic store of “Boscaini Shoes” shoes chain, in a new and bigger building located in the commercial area of the town. The new store develops on an area of 2500sqm, a raised level that cover the underlying parking. The external facade, with its hight glass wall, is enhanced by the use of the institutional colours, white and brown, with stripes that wrap the entire building, and two big lighting signs.
The escalator is dominated by a bright circles waterfall, that allows to clearly recognized the store from the main street.
The wide highness of the internal spans is “fullfilled” with some precious golden chandeliers, made with clusters of amber coloured light bulbs, characteristics of the brand, and by suspended focus points, groups of cubes indicating the different departments and helping the customers’ in their path through the store. Also here the essentials elements of the company brand concept have been introduced, the light box with golden frames and the leather goods corner, where in a big golden shelving made of three units became the key focus of the entire store.

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