Newwave Media srl

dm drogerie markt a Trieste

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2019
  • Clientdm drogerie markt srl
  • LocationTrieste, Italy
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

First in Gorizia in November 2018 and then in Venice in December 2018, DM Italia has realized in collaboration with Biancoarancio, the first two shops in the historic center on restricted buildings.
Two challenges started in April 2018 and two projects perfectly integrated into the historical-architectural context of the locations that contribute to give value to the DM chain, in compliance with its format. In 2019 the third store was built in Trieste.
As always, Biancoarancio was the key element that made it possible to open in compliance with budget and time … sometimes anticipating this-one!

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