Newwave Media srl

Hotel Maximilian

  • Sector Hospitality & Leisure
  • Year2012
  • ClientHotel Maximilian Sas
  • LocationVerona
  • ServicesSupervisor works, Global Design

The project consists of a new two-storey building with 14 rooms located on the shores of the Garda Lake Bay in Malcesine (Verona).
Thanks to its overlooking the lake, it is possible to enjoy wonderful views from each room, which represents the great added value the hotel can offer its guests.
Each unit is conceived as a suite with a private entrance, a small living area and a double room; it is characterised by a wide glass wall, an external area or terrace overlooking the lake.
Inside, the room can be divided into two parts thanks to a rollaway partition wall which can enclose the living area and turn it into a room for children.
Also the bathrooms feature a glass wall opening onto the external area, which can be covered by wooden Venetian blinds.
Two proposals for the internal finishings were proposed to the Client: a “soft mood” one, featuring
warm and soft colors, and a “young club” one, with bright colors and vibrant graphics. Thus it was possible to offer diversified options to the Client.
The existing hall was also revisited: its layout was modified and it was opened onto the bay; the main route connections between the hall bar and the restaurant were emphasized by a soft, sinuous game of curved walls, ceiling ribs and seats.