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Best Western Interior Design

The study of a "Best Western" room to use in the best way the space

Biancoarancio was invited, as part of a competition of ideas, to think of a “type” room, choosing one of the Best Western brands, specifically the “Plus”. The idea was to propose a better usability of the typical space of the hotel room, increasing its flexibility of use. From this simple consideration the project was born: separating the closet of the bathroom fixtures from the space intended for the shower and the sink allowed to use the bathroom at the same time by both guests in the room. Moreover, the possibility of leaving the washbasin corner open has given a greater visual opening, thus giving the impression to guests to enter a larger and more luminous room. The preparation of the room with bathroom was intended as a “modular kit” consisting of prefabricated equipped walls, which conceal the plant design.

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