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Modular Winery

The increasingly frequent presence of visitors and the importance given to wine tourism (which has become very popular in those areas characterised by quality winemaking) have enriched wineries with new functions, that complement the strictly manufacturing activities and therefore require a new modulation. The modular winery project, developed by Biancoarancio, envisages a great space flexibility that allows for easy reconfigurations and immediate chances of expanding the business.
In those areas where the wine is first manufactured and bottled, which are more affected by technological changes, the development of well-lighted areas where intermediate structural elements are kept to a minimum and easily separable is essential. The use of prebuilt modular elements placed on grids that follow the dimensions of the various tools (tanks, bottling lines and packaging lines) helps coordinating the structural choices as far as different development options are concerned.
Despite the great differentiation in the manufacturing needs, we wanted to design a typical winery producing approximately 1 million bottles of wine a year, to which more or less 150 hectares belong. Some macro-areas were identified which are usually present in all wineries, to each of which an approximate surface area has been assigned:
– Raw materials delivery area, 1,000 sm;
– Fermentation and refinement area, 1,000 sm;
– Product storage and preservation area, 1,000 sm;
– Bottling, packaging, warehousing and sales area, 1,000 sm.
In order for the project to be successful, a good integration of the visitors’ areas with the operational areas is essential, as well as the reduction of the visitors’ obtrusiveness in the manufacturing areas.
The visitor’s route will follow the whole wine manufacturing process, including those areas directly involved in the wine transformation, by means of itineraries that follow the production cycle but that are hosted in separate areas.
The different aspects of the design process were considered following the main guidelines of sustainable building.
The modular winery project developed by Biancoarancio is therefore characterised by a strong innovative drive, displayed by the original concept. A project that aims at making the traditional winery – exclusively designed for manufacturing activities – evolving into a multipurpose structure designed to meet new hospitality and cultural needs.