Modular Hotel

Construction of a modular hotel in Doha, Qatar.

The building is developed over a plot of land 100 lm x 170 lm. A central body contains all the services (lobby, bar restaurant, tecnical services) over three storeys, is connected on sides with six branches, over two storeys, containing the bedrooms and identifying long and narrow internal gardens.
At the second floor spa with swimming pool and restaurant are placed.
The whole hotel is inscribed in an area surrounded by a cladding system done in perforated panels defining an ornamental pattern amenable to traditional mashrabiya.
Lateral branches of bedrooms are articulated, on the internal fronts, in a game done with an overlap of little white overlying volumes, analogically refering to local architecture.
The same decorative perforated panel carachterizing the external casing is used as cladding over the glass walls of the lobby and over the ceiling to achieve alight and shadow game projected over internal surfaces.