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The new renaissance of Mukachevo, Ucraina

The connection between different areas and functions

The former industrial district in Mukachevo, Ukraine, covers a vast area situated between the city centre and a residential quarter to the east. The existence of an extensive local business community south of the lot has helped define a project that harmoniously blends these different functions through the creation of an innovation hub that can offer services to the area and provide an opportunity for economic development The creation of a single large green area at the centre of the new space is inspired by the idea of an Italian piazza, where conviviality and liveliness mix in a vivacious atmosphere.
The project’s master plan is being approved, and the idea that inspired its development is related to the desire to recreate the connection between the existing residential area and the city centre. In fact, the industrial fabric that dominated this area in the past had created a deep divide between the two areas. The structuring of the project’s spaces will allow the effective redevelopment not only of the lot, but also of the entire nearby area, thus establishing a new, lively atmosphere. As currently planned, the new settlement will renew the spaces and inspire the sensation of entering a totally innovative environment.

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