Newwave Media srl

The new renaissance of Uzhgorod, Ukraina

Residential, Commercial and Accomodation

The project concerns the former industrial area named “Eno” and the reconstruction of a new part of the city. The purpose is the recovery and re-establishment of the area’s relationship both with the existing urban fabric (the consolidated urban fabric of the old town) and with the low-density residential context.
Moreover, the establishment of a functional mix here – residential, commercial and accomodation, the school – intends to restore new momentum and vitality to an area that for years has been destined to a productive use, becoming a “margin area”.
The design of the project is focused on the definition of a North-South pedestrian axis, which connects the two poles, identified respectively by the mixed-use complex called North Gate and the shopping center called South Gate.
These path, curved and marked by green spaces and water, further emphasizes the connection between the two “doors” and, at the same time, acts as an element of transition between the built and the natural area, represented by the linear park.

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