Newwave Media srl

-The Lovers- Tower Malta

The tower project in Mellieha, the highest and most panoramic location in Malta, brought us to think about how we could enhance and add value to this island, rich of traditions, natural treasures and resources, but at the same time in constant improvement, with a building that could become a new symbol, an icon.
Made of two separate bodies that, starting from a common platform of 6000 sqm, develop for 54 storeys, the tower grows up toward the sky, remembering the hug between two lovers and reaching a hight of 200mt.
A buildind characterized in the shape, but also in the construction details, from the country’s two main souls: the traditional one, symbolized by the use of a local maltese stone covering and the futuristic one, represented by the hypertechnological use of glass and a particular pierced stone. The tower will house a luxury hotel, fully equipped with restaurants, lounge bars, pools, offices, apartments, retail spaces, spa, casinò and an heliport on top.

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