Masterplan “Zoncolan”

  • Sector Landscaping & Urban Projects
  • Year2015
  • ClientICI Coop
  • LocationFriuli
  • ServicesFeasibility Study

Designed a completely camouflaged hotel for the Zoncolan area in Friuli Venezia Giulia

ICI Coop building company owns one of the two lots the project area is made up of; Villaggio Turistico Europa, instead, manages the neighbouring “Enzo Moro” hotel built on the other lot.
Together, they designate BIANCOARANCIO to draw up a masterplan involving both the areas.
This important architectural and urban project starts basing on two clients’ requests an on what is sanctioned by PAC, the council convention signed by the parts earlier, for functional reorganisation of that area.
Present hotel is increased, not only doubling the number of the rooms, but also providing the new building with a fully equipped spa and swimming pools area.
Accordingly, the parking area is enlarged and all the entries are redefined. The accesses and ways reserved for outer users (that is people using spa and pools only) are diversified from the ones reserved for hotel guests. Moreover, all horizontal and vertical connections between the two buildings are carefully looked after; the same applies to crossings between car park and the county road dividing them.
From architectural point of view, the masterplan proposal chosen by clients is characterized by a double storey building, made up of 3 blocks with some raised attic roof parts. The blocks are slightly turned each other, to better adapt to the natural elevation profile and in order to offer the best views of surrounding landscape to the rooms.
Spa and pools are located in a building partially underground; it is as a joint between new and old construction, like the main stairwell with lifts. The pitched roof, instead, is divided in strongly leaning double and single pitch parts, with different orientation. It crowns and liven the new building up, lending a modern outline of typical mountain building facade to it.