“Punto Scarpe” shoes shop chain in Rovato

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2014
  • ClientPunto Scarpe Group Srl
  • LocationBrescia
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

The shop “Punto Scarpe” presents a new format, with a strong urban connotation.
The crucial point where the building rises up, inspired the interpretation of the trade and travel hub image and the maze of streets suggestion.
This theme was transposed in a spectacular plasterboard bands installation, suspended in air, that characterizes the whole retail store.
Thanks to an unusual geometrical effect of continuous references and convergences, the customer is invited to walk through the four sections the shop is divided in. He is led both to move along the perimeter, and – above all – toward the core of the store.
Indeed, the project gives its own answer to the critical feature of sales area, – already defined – that consists of nearly square shape of the building, without precise axis and directional paths.
The central area oufitting, characterized by a low, elliptical and equipped wing, interrupts the rigid arrangement of surrounding furniture, representing the exception.
Moreover, the hanging light truss points the customer out about the presence of a different and new space: like an overhead focus, even more emphasized by the visual convergence of all plasterboard bands.