Footbridge in Venice

  • Sector Landscaping & Urban Projects
  • Year2010
  • ClientCarpenmetal Srl
  • LocationVenice - Italy
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Supervisor works

The project, which won a competion, consists of a footbridge joining the shopping centre Valecenter and the near multiplex Uci Cinema. The design opted for a cycle and pedestrian footbridge, consistent with the possibility to enhance the accesses to the two buildings. It is an elliptical sectional footbridge having a rough centering. The structure is composed of an iron caissoned hull to which the centering is linked.

The centering, in turn, holds up the cover and the side plexiglass panels.
At night the lighting system marks the footbridge’s centering and longitudinal extent, making the relationship between the two poles evident. Cycles, pedestrians and prams can cross the same footbridge, which has a gradient of no more than 8%.