Newwave Media srl

“Quartieri” Shoe shop in Lodi

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2019
  • ClientOrveca srl
  • LocationZelo Buon Persico (LODI)
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

Biancoarancio has followed and conceived the restyling of the historic “Quartieri” store, to renew its image, making it “fresher” and “contemporary”.

The restyling phase involved the redefinition of the spaces, to make them more functional: a new layout of the departments and the entrance, to facilitate the customer journey.
The environment is characterized by a coral-colored wavy veil that encloses the entire perimeter of the shop. This involved the redefinition of new focal points, among which the bag department with a golden backdrop stands out, and new decorative light points with large golden chandeliers.