Sushi Wok restaurant

  • Sector
  • Year2012
  • ClientBlack & White Srl
  • LocationTreviso
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

The new restaurant Bamboo Sushi Wok, located in the retail park Zero Center, has an area of about 1000sqm. Starting from the entrance, the route is characterized by a cost waiting area which goes on to a kids play area with a bar and customer facilities, and ends in the restaurant hall; by crossing the hall one arrives at the open-plan kitchen and the different staff and utility rooms. The innovation in the restaurant hall’s layout – designed for approximately 235 seats – allows for a prompt change in the room’s dimensions thanks to the movable wood panels.
The open-plan kitchen overlooks the whole restaurant hall from the back, allowing the guests to choose every time the dishes which are being prepared on-the-spot by the chef. The choice and mixing of lights, colors and materials make this place homely and innovative.