Newwave Media srl

“Valyou Supermarket” in St. Julian, Malta

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2018
  • ClientBelleview supermarkets co.Limited
  • LocationSt. Julian - Malta
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

The third Valyou supermarket, a supermarket brand in Malta designed by Biancoarancio with an innovative, welcoming and performing style, opens in December 2018. The location within the new complex “Pendergardens” is located in the most populated area of Malta, where the tourist influx is more concentrated in St. Julians. The sinuous shapes of the floor design guide the customer through the various departments characterized by a strong design, and develop in continuity with emotional and suggestive graphics, able to highlight the product and the shopping experience.

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