Private villa with Pool

  • Sector Hospitality & Leisure
  • Year2020
  • ClientPrivate
  • LocationMalta
  • ServicesGlobal Design

The project for a pool in a private villa in Mellieha, Malta, soon revealed as a fascinating challenge full of stimulating research.The client, keen on botany and nature and a sea lover, wanted to recreate in his garden a natural environment, in which he could immerse himself both physically and mentally.

Thus the design try to create a senses fulfilling and harmonious place.  A naturalized pool has been so realized, with a phito-depuration system, so that fish of different sizes could live in, with an irregular shape, sand, stones and a waterfall to oxygenate the water.

The house has very simple and essential shapes and it’s fully designed in function of the outside views. The entire basement floor host an indoor pool, a sauna and a gym; a place that reminds an exotic beach, with lighting effects.

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