Redefined Elegance: Clothing Store in Cornedo Vicentino

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2023
  • ClientQuellogiusto Srl
  • LocationCornedo Vicentino, Veneto
  • ServicesGlobal Design, Project Management

Step into a world where fashion meets innovation as a renowned shoe store brand embarks on a bold journey to extend its distinctive identity into the realm of clothing. This architectural marvel, nestled in the picturesque Cornedo Vicentino, captures the essence of the brand’s simplicity while introducing a captivating scenographic theme. With a focus on brand renewal, the project seamlessly integrates the recognizable red color with a fresh palette of terracotta and mint green, appealing to both the determined and delicate woman as well as the young and dynamic man.

The design team’s task was twofold: translate the brand’s unique character into a new clothing format and uphold a simple yet striking identity throughout the space. Combining lightness, accessibility, and an element of surprise, the concept manifests as a sanctuary of cool, luminous spaces that invite customers to explore and embrace the fashion-forward offerings.

Embracing the spirit of the brand, the architectural vision revolves around an enchanting scenographic theme. Translucent panels and innovative lighting techniques create an ethereal ambiance, allowing natural light to dance playfully within the space. Visitors are greeted with a harmonious fusion of terracotta and mint green, immersing them in an atmosphere that evokes both warmth and freshness.

Every element within the store has been meticulously curated, with furnishings specially designed to cater to the unique needs of the client. Sleek, minimalist displays seamlessly blend functionality and elegance, ensuring that the carefully curated clothing items take center stage. Thoughtfully placed mirrors, expertly designed seating areas, and strategically positioned fixtures contribute to an immersive shopping experience that caters to the desires of the discerning clientele.

In this captivating new clothing store concept, the fusion of the brand’s unmistakable red color with the captivating palette of terracotta and mint green breathes new life into the fashion landscape of Cornedo Vicentino. The design embodies the brand’s spirit, offering a haven of light, passable spaces that surprise and inspire. It invites the determined and delicate woman, as well as the young and dynamic man, to explore a world of elegance, where fashion seamlessly meets innovation.

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