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Daniel’s Shopping Mall & Square

The rebirth in Hamrun for 2 important meeting places: the Danile's Shopping Center and the square in front.

The rebirth of a shopping center in Hamrun, a densely populated area of Malta, where Daniel’s is a reference point for meeting and shopping. The restyling project that Biancoarancio is developing involves the inclusion of a foodcourt able to satisfy all tastes at all times of the day, with local and international brands. Biancoarancio has created a clean and simple design, with colors reminiscent of the landscapes of Malta, while the main facade will be transformed with the Maltese stone cladding, able to enhance the large arches. The full height Mall for the 3 floors, will end with a large skylight and will contain a large suspended sphere with a coffee shop inside. In the basement there will be a supermarket with a high level local sign, while the commercialization, already started, for the retail activities will undergo a redistribution with extensions and insertion of the best international brands, to satisfy all customers.

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