“Quellogiusto” Shoe Shop in Marcon

  • Sector Retail & Shopping Complexes
  • Year2014
  • ClientQuellogiusto srl
  • LocationVenice - Italy
  • ServicesSupervisor works, Global Design, Project Management

The fitting-out of Quellogiusto’s shoes shop in “Valecenter” Shopping Mall (Venice) confront the themes of adapting and increasing a tried format.
The building where the shop is situated is round, with a 2.500 sqm of total sales area, divided in two storey.
A new escalator has been provided, to connect the two storey trough a double highness space, in front of the entrance.
Usually the scenography fitted by the format is characterized by the long portals which part the different merchandising areas of the shop orthogonally. Here the presence of a circular space is been solved by using visual round devices: concentric hanging circles, recalling analogically the circle in the water.

To represent the sensations of “lightness”, of “comfort”, of “relaxing”, sensations that the client has to feel and has to combine with the shopping experience, with a setting slightly evocating the image transpiring when we are under the water and lookup to the surface: bubble, concentric circle, irregular lighting games.
As someone enter the shop, white spheres, like little bubble in the water, are rising in the double highness space, and lead the client to visually joint the two storey.
During the visit in the shop, the client is totally absorbed into a shopping experience that, through the setting and the scenography elements, produces a strong and sure emotional imprinting.